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Director of Information Systems
Engineer of the « Ecole National des Arts et Métiers” (ENSAM), made his career at Renault.
He started in 1989 in the engineering world at the beginning of CAD and scientific computing integration in the design office and led several Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) projects. He moved to England in 2002 and took over Renault Formula 1 for 4 years at the time of Renault’s return to F1 with a complete car.
On his return to France, he took over the management of the information systems of the French sales and marketing division until 2010 and until then takes responsibility for the IS/IT security and cybersecurity of the Renault group.
The 1st may 2017, Pierre Gachon is nominated as Expert Leader for the Cybersecurity Strategical Expertise Domaine.