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Patrick DAMIAN

Managing Director
The Automotive? A passion, my job!
Entrepreneur as Dealership (Retail) then Manager (C-Level) for Daimler and Volvo, I have acquired a 360 ° vision of this industry, both for personnal cars and Industriel vehciles. Currently, the "New Mobilities" disrupt our relationship to the Automobile. We move from possession to use (MaaS: Mobility as a Service). This results in the concepts of sales by subscription, car-sharing, carpooling, intermodality, ...
I particularly appreciate these moments where innovation and imagination allow to create new models, more respectful of our planet!

I think that as a good sailor must know and respect the sea, a good professional must master the different facets of his job: there is no place to chance or approximation!
Therefore, it is possible to propose and deploy a relevant strategy, to reinforce the teams around the project and thus achieve the objectives.

Currently, our world is complex, chaotic. The automotive is in the heart of these paradigm shifts. We can model the current revolution around 4 axes:
- Globalization, with a growing impact of China, now the world's largest market
- The energy transition, which accelerates the electrification of vehicles and opens the door to new players
- The digital revolution, which creates new relationships with customers, strongly impacting the distribution networks
- Artificial Intelligence, with an increasing presence in our cars, which will be more and more connected and autonomous

Tomorrow, transport will be cleaner, shared, connected and intermodal. We can use different types of vehicles, simply, via an app. It already exists in Helsinki with Wim! It remains to develop an ecosystem where each actor will find its rightful place, "historical" and new players, and drive the change.
Let's build the world of tomorrow together!