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UIC (International Union of Railways)
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux held various responsibilities in SNCF, Director of French railroads Inc.North-America and of French Railways UK Ltd., Chief Executive of SNCF Freight International, Chairman and CEO of SNCF International.
In March 2009, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux was appointed Director-General of the International Union of Railways (UIC), the worldwide association representing the rail sector worldwide. His mandate is set to run until 2019. In addition, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux holds responsibilities in many institutions: French Foreign Trade Advisor, Chairman of the Medef International France-Argentina-Uruguay Committee,
Honorary Chairman of AFFI (the French association of railway engineers), Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport, Member of the Board of the US High Speed Rail Association., and the Mineta Transport Institute. He is also advisor to UN Secretary General, in a High-level group for sustainable mobility, and member of the board of Slocat. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux has been awarded the Legion of Honor, and is Commander of the French National Order of Merit – one of the highest decorations in France. He also edits books of poetry, and creates paintings.