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Jean-Claude LE FLOUR

Groupe Renault
Expert Leader Metals Characteristics and Processing

Jean Claude LE FLOUR , born in 1960  , earned mechanics engineering degrees from Ecole Central Nantes in 1982  and obtained a PhD in materials science from Ecole des Mines  de Paris in 1987 . 

He joined  Renault in 1988 where he served different positions in the materials Engineering Dpt ; in 1999  he  was appointed  “Metals  and Processing” GM  . In 2004 he was assigned to the Prototypes Manufacturing center  , in charge of upstream prototypes manufacturing and technical developments.

In 2009 he moved to Romania  as  delegated director for Painted Body Engineering .In 2013  he was  Body assembly and exhausts GM in the vehicle Process  Engineering   division , and from September 2017 he was appointed as “Expert leader”  in Metals characteristics and Processes .