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Euro Tech Week - LVEITS

Christophe Aubriet is a businessman and networker. In 2007, he created his own company Sup Rédac to best utilise his expertise in written communication for the benefit of major institutional and corporate events. As Head of Development Strategies, he very quickly saw that harnessing technological innovation had vast potential as a driver of business growth and was a key tool in improving customer experience; this gave birth to the very first, online, multimodal-multimedia broadcasting platform – used primarily for the Grand Paris public debate. When the company went international soon after, it opened doors to the world of French export and French Tech, which Christophe first explored at trade fairs in Las Vegas.

As a network activator who is passionate about innovation and the shared economy, Christophe Aubriet helped organise the first French Tech gatherings at CES Las Vegas in 2014; and he set up the American company LVEITS. From this simple concept came Euro Tech Week – first launched in 2016 and now the main B2B meeting and networking event for Europeans and Americans at CES Las Vegas.

Acutely aware of the fact that the digital revolution affects all businesses in every sector, Christophe decided, in 2017, to tap into his vast network of innovation experts to aid business leaders and executives in better embracing the changes at play. Euro Tech Week thus became a learning and familiarisation program with a number of topic-specific Morning Sessions and guided tours of major tech-centric trade fairs.